What is the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP)?

The Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) is a federal government program intended to reduce financial barriers to oral health care. The program will provide coverage of the cost of dental care for Canadian residents who do not have dental benefits and have a household income of less than $90,000 a year.

CDCP Program Eligibility

Coverage under the CDCP will begin in May 2024 for the earliest applicants. 

Applications to the CDCP are phased beginning with seniors.  See application schedule below. 

Eligible Age Groups Date Applications Open
Seniors 87+ Dec-23
Seniors between 77 - 86 Jan-24
Seniors between 72 - 76 Feb-24
Seniors between 70 - 71 Mar-24
Seniors between 65 - 69 May-24
People holding a valid Disability Tax Credit Certificate Jun-24
Children under 18 Jun-24
All other eligible Canadian citizens and residents 2025

CDCP Program Acceptance and Enrollment

 Coverage will begin in May 2024 for the earliest applicants. Patients MUST have a member card to receive coverage through the CDCP.

The welcome package from Sun Life will include the date a patient can start seeing an oral health provider. Appointments can only be scheduled on or after that date for the eligible oral health care services to be covered under the plan.

Patient CDCP start dates will depend on:

  • when their application was received and
  • when their enrolment is completed

The first group that will be eligible to visit an oral health provider will be as early as May 2024, starting with seniors.

IMPORTANT: The CDCP will not reimburse for services received before the start date.

Services Covered by the CDCP Include

Some oral health procedure will require preauthorization. This process involves obtaining prior approval, based on the recommendation of the oral health provider, before commencing treatment to ensure coverage under the plan. These treatments and/or services are determined with consideration of an individual’s oral health history and existing medical conditions. Services that require preauthorization will be accessible starting November 2024.

How much will the CDCP cover?​

Depending on your family’s income, you might need to pay a small part of the bill. This amount is paid to your dentist.

The CDCP will reimburse a percentage of the cost, based on the established CDCP fee guide and your adjusted family net income. You may have a co-payment based on your adjusted family net income. A co-payment is the percentage of the CDCP fees that isn’t covered by the CDCP, and that you will have to pay directly to the oral health provider. Your co-payment is based on your adjusted family net income. 

Co-payments based on adjusted family net income​

Adjusted family net income CDCP Coverage How much will you (patient) cover
Lower than $70,000 100% of eligible oral health care service costs will be covered at the CDCP established fees. 0% of the CDCP established fees. *Additional fees may be charged – see below.
Between $70,000 and $79,999 60% of eligible oral health care service costs will be covered at the CDCP established fees. 40% of the CDCP established fees. *Additional fees may be charged – see below.
Between $80,000 and $89,999 40% of eligible oral health care service costs will be covered at the CDCP established fees. 60% of the CDCP established fees. *Additional fees may be charged – see below

*Additional fees – The CDCP fees may not be the same as what providers charge and only pays for services covered within the plan at the established CDCP rates. These rates are not the same as provincial and territorial fee guides that dentists usually utilize as reference to establish their usual and customary fee.

Additional fees will be charged in addition to the co-payment if:

  1. The cost of the oral health care services is more than what the CDCP will reimburse based on the established CDCP fees.
  2. The patient agrees to receive care that the plan does not cover.

How to apply for CDCP coverage?​

Invitation letters have been sent in phases by age group between December 2023 and March 2024 to all potentially eligible seniors who are 70 years of age or older, welcoming them to apply for the CDCP.

New* seniors aged 65 and older are now eligible to apply for the CDCP online without an invitation letter.

For more information, please visit or speak to our admin team today!

IMPORTANT: Please note that enrollment to the CDCP is up to the individual provider therefore it is important that you speak to our administrators to ensure your provider has enrolled. Additionally, please note that we reserve the right to discontinue acceptance of the CDCP Program at any time.

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