IV Sedation

While dental surgeries are routinely performed with great success, patients may feel anxious to undergo these types of procedures. We are able to offer our patients intravenous or IV sedation to ease these anxieties. Our specialists can administer sedative medications that allow the patient a care-free appointment, without a full general anaesthetic. The use of IV sedation is a safe and short-term solution for dental surgeries and restorative dental procedures alike. We can provide you with a level of deep relaxation and a feeling of not being bothered about what is going on while your dental needs are being cared for. The advantages of IV sedation are rapid onset and rapid recovery, it hugely diminishes the gag reflex and does not require an airway tube, as with general aneasthetic. It is the most common choice for patients when having oral surgery procedures. It makes a one hour appointment feel like a second!

Speak to us about the option of using IV sedation for all your dental care or for dental surgery in particular. We want to aid you in achieving a high level of comfort with your dental treatment.

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